Veterinary Internal Medicine

Specialists in Veterinary Internal Medicine

As veterinary internal medicine specialists, we provide advanced evaluations for pets with weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, heart disease, coughing, kidney and liver disease, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, immune-mediated diseases and anemia. Our hospital emphasizes cancer treatment for dogs and cats using chemotherapy, as well as hospitalization for critically ill pets by providing 24 hour care. Don’t know if we can help? Call us and we will try!

What is Veterinary Internal Medicine?

Simply said, we take care of all the inside parts of your pet!  We work with the internal body systems, whether there are sudden or chronic signs, and regardless of the cause of disease (infection, cancer, degenerative, inflammatory, immune, or trauma).  Internal medicine emphasizes  non-invasive diagnostic and treatment techniques.  At Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine, our strengths are medical treatments and comprehensive care, devoted to your pet’s overall health.

What Is A Veterinary Internist?

A veterinary internist (veterinary internal medicine specialist) is a veterinarian with advanced training in the area of veterinary internal medicine. To become a board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist, you must complete an additional four years of training following graduation from a four-year veterinary school. The first year is called an internship and the next three years are called a residency. During this time, you are trained by other board-certified specialists in the intricacies of internal medicine. At the completion of your residency you are classified as “residency trained” but not board-certified. In order to become board-certified in veterinary internal medicine, you must submit credentials and have an original article published in a peer-reviewed journal. After credentials are accepted, you may sit for an intense 8 hour examination called the qualifying examination. Once this examination has been passed, you are eligible to take the certifying examination. This is given over a two-day period and involves essay questions, a practical examination, and multiple choice and short answer portions. After successful completion of this examination, you are considered a board-certified specialist in veterinary internal medicine. by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

All of our Doctors here at Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine are board Certified by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. They are extremely qualified to care for your pet,  no matter the diagnosis.